Fast-track Lanes At Portugal’s Airports For British Tourists Post-brexit

Portugal’s government has authorised the installation of dedicated UK Passport holder corridors at two of its airports to enable the smooth flow of post-Brexit holidaymakers.

Prime Minister, António Costa, said: “Millions of Britons visit Portugal as tourists every year, and we have to ensure the flow is not interrupted.”

The first two sites to be prepared are Faro airport and Funchal airport on Madeira, both of which will operate special facilities for passengers with UK passports.

Costa also announced a raft of measures to help Portuguese businesses that may well be hit by the UK’s exit from the European Community if there is no lastminute deal, the so-called, ‘hard Brexit.’

A €50 million credit line has been set aside for the country’s exporters most likely to be hit by a drop in trade, and 60 additional Customs Officers are to be hired for post-Brexit border checks.

In the UK, the Portuguese Government is to boost consular assistance for the estimated 400,000 nationals that may be concerned and affected by status and employment issues.

The Government line for British residents in Portugal is that they will be able to retain their residence and other rights, including access to State Healthcare. Of the estimated 45,000 Britons living in Portugal, only 23,000 of them are said to be registered.

Around 13 million tourists visited Portugal last year, but the number of British fell by a tenth due to Brexit fears and the poor exchange rate.

As well as keeping British residents happy, the government is to launch a major promotional campaign in the UK with the aim of boosting visitor numbers


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