We sat down with Hildegard and Marta to find out how they make you feel like a King in one of his Seven Quintas.

Hildegard and Marta take being great hosts very seriously and when we sat down with them this was no exception. We were greeted with coffee, chocolate, almonds, water (sparkling or still, flavoured or not!), I’m sure if we were bold enough to ask they would have had a 3 course meal ready and waiting for us on their beautiful wooden table. Taking a look at the friendly, modern and sophisticated office you can fairly say it is an accurate representation of the dynamic duo.
Originally from The Netherlands, Hildegard started her working career in sales (b-to-b) with an American printing company providing direct marketing services in Amsterdam, however, with her love of travelling, experiencing other cultures and places, she decided that the next foreign country she landed in, she would stay for a longer period of time, if possible. First setting her eyes on the Algarve in 1995, Hildegard found herself wanting to stay, falling in love with the way of life, the people, the scenery and culture and imagining herself walking on the beach everyday enjoying the sunshine.

So, in the year 2000 she made the leap to her own place in the sun. She started working for Kiss FM for a short period of time, then for a Dutch real estate agent with an office in the same building as a portuguese lawyer from whom she learnt a lot about working with property paperwork and licenses in the Algarve, which was the start of a career in real estate. After gaining some years of experience in the field it was time to open her own agency. So in 2007, after she got the official qualifications from IMOPPI (now IMPIC) to open a real estate agency, Seven Quintas was born.
With determination and the goal of giving the best service available, Seven Quintas started in the same building as today! Born as a Property Search company, helping people find their ideal properties, Seven Quintas evolved into the Boutique, high calibre full service estate agency it is now.

After doing everything on her own for 9 years, in 2016 Hildegard welcomed Marta. Marta started her career in a resort in Quinta do Lago, working in the condominium department, however after 18 years there, she knew that it wasn’t something she wanted to do for her entire career and so she left, in search of new exciting challenges. Before joining Seven Quintas Marta also gained working experience in a lawyers office.

The two work relentlessly to make sure their clients have the best “hand picked” selection of propertries to choose from. And efficiently organized tours save time whilst looking to buy a property and it doesn’t end there!

Louise, Seven Quinta’s Photographer, Media manager and PR, has worked in the Netherlands as an events and sales manager in the hospitality industry for 15 years.  After this she worked for 4 years in commercial real estate and real estate investment in Amsterdam, as a marketing and legal assistant.  At Seven Quintas Louise maintains media and PR activities and she is their photographer. Louise among others makes sure that the properties for sale are being presented in the best possible way!

For Marta and Hildegard the sale of a property is only the beginning of a relationship. With their after sales service, they help you find a lawyer, accountant, handyman, pool cleaner, etc… With their vast network of reliable people, they can help you with anything. Hildegard speaks five languages fluently: dutch, english, portuguese, german and french. Marta speaks portuguese and english.



Seven Quintas is a well rooted establishment with unique and personal customer service in the property business, if you are looking to sell or buy a property here in the Algarve they have to be on your list.
Contact Seven Quintas on 289 355 697, email info@sevenquintas.com or visit their website http://www.sevenquintas.com to view some of their exclusive properties.


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