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Sam’s found a new mexican.. restaurant, called Guaka! Let’s hear what he’s got to say about it…

If you have been visiting the Algarve for a while you might remember that a couple of years ago there was an amazing Mexican restaurant in Algarve, Almancil called Parrilla Mexicana. This used to be mine and Lily’s favourite Mexican! Since it closed, I have been looking for another GOOD Mexican restaurant, I have tried various and they have all been, in one word, meh. All of this changed recently when I heard about this new Mexican place in Faro called Guaka, situated within a 2 minute walk away from the Marina. As you walk in you immediately feel an amazing ambience, filled with fun colours, skulls drawn on the walls and a huge chandelier made out of Corona bottles (I did wonder how long it took to drink all that beer). The fast paced Mexican music just lifts your spirit!

The menu does not have a vast variety, but to me that is actually a good sign as the food was absolutely delicious. Their cocktails also need to be mentioned, other than Delicious, their presentation was also filled with colour.

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guaka mexican restaurant algarve

One of my favourite parts of the restaurant is a projected countdown clock on the wall. I am looking at it and wondering why a place would need a countdown clock, until it happened! The Mexican mariachi music starts playing louder and louder and the waitress started rushing out with tequila bottles and filling up your shots glasses, which was unexpected but definitely welcomed. It helped in making the night more memorable, and I can definitely recommend it if you are tired of seeing the same concepts. Something you do have to take into consideration is that Guaka do not accept reservations unless it’s for over groups of 10 people. We showed up pretty early so it was fine and so much fun! Do you know of a good Mexican? Or any other place I should visit? Let me know,

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