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Blossom legend from Sam

With the arrival of Spring, one of the pretties seasons in Portugal in my opinion, comes the blossoming of the almond trees. I thought of writing about a well known fable this month that every Portuguese person who grew up here knows but some of you (hopefully) might not. It’s a short but sweet love story.
“According to a well known local legend, when the Algarve was ruled by the Moors it was known as Al Garb (Yes that was the original name, interesting to see how it evolved). The region’s young prince, known as Ibn-Almundim, fell madly in love with a beautiful young Nordic princess, Gilda, they married almost immediately.

As time went on the young prince noticed that his wife was slowing growing sadder with each passing day.

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Determined to change it the prince found out that Gilda missed the snow covered fields of her homeland. The young prince tried everything to change that but with no luck, one day out of the blue, the idea struck him. He ordered thousands of almond trees to be planted outside the palace as far as the eye could see. When Spring arrived the prince who was now the new king took Gilda’s hand and led her to the terrace, that is when she noticed the fields completely covered in white, in what looked like snow, within an instance she was smiling from ear to ear and was never homesick again. From here onwards the couple lived happily ever after.”
This is the Blossom Legend of the Region. See you next month for something a bit more exciting. Do you know of any local legends? I would love to hear them.

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