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As the world’s first globetrotting nation, Portugal was responsible for introducing foods from home and others it discovered and adopted along the way. Did you know, for example, that Portugal’s caravels introduced staple ingredients such as potatoes, tomatoes and chilli peppers to Asia? Yes that’s right, the chilli pepper, central ingredient to the curry phenomenon across Indian and Southeast Asia. Present here in the spicy sambal oelek, chilli adds a memorable kick to this fail-proof curry, inspired by visits to Thailand and beyond.

purple carrots recipe book algarve food advertising algarve recipes - simply magazine advertising

You will need:
• 1 kg chicken breast,
cut into 2-cm cubes
• 4 medium-sized onions, finely sliced
• 6 cm fresh ginger, finely chopped
• 8 cloves garlic, crushed
• 2 tablespoons shrimp paste
• 2 teaspoons curcuma
• 3 tablespoons sambal oelek
• 8 kaffir lime leaves (fresh or frozen),
deveined, sliced very finely
• 2 tablespoons fish sauce
• 800 ml full fat coconut milk
• 2 tablespoons cumin seeds,
dry roasted
• Coriander for serving
• Oil for frying

Boil the chicken cubes for a few minutes until cooked. Drain and set aside. Gently fry the onions with the garlic until translucent. Add the shrimp paste and fry further until it dissolves. Add the ginger and the sambal oelek and fry for another minute on medium heat. Stir in the curcuma and add the coconut milk and the chicken and bring to the boil. Stir in the kaffir lime leaves and the fish sauce. Remove from heat and stir in the cumin seeds. To serve, pour into a serving dish and sprinkle with coriander leaves. Yellow or white rice is the perfect accompaniment to this delicious dish.

Purple Carrots is a new cookbook of Portuguese recipes which are true to the traditional dishes of this great nation, but also delve into dishes influenced by Portugal in distant lands. Included are exciting new interpretations of Portuguese dished and ingredients.

Using ingredients you’re likely to have in your pantry, Purple Carrots focuses on delivering uncomplicated dishes which look and taste great. With over 270 pages of 90+ recipes and fabulous glossy photos of both the food and the Portuguese scenery, this book is sure to please.

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